Please Note:
Below you will find the current vacancies within CK Media

Personal Assistant
- Client Relations on Support Chat and Via e-Mail(if required) - 5% commission for every Job landed
- Client Relations via Telephone (When Necessary - 5% commission for every Job landed)
- Possible quotation planning (to be discussed)
- Scheduling of daily activities from meetings to voice over sessions in a diary/planner
- Scheduling of Video Production Services
- Possible Social media management and daily posting
- Website maintenance possibly (Not mandatory)
- Audio Editing Assistance as Outsource (Paid per project - Not voluntary) - Training will be given if necessary
- Marketing assitance in terms of where to market etc ( not mandatory )

Note: Please do get in touch if you would like to work with CK Media for Work Experience - We can see what we can customise for you.